Chromebook aue dates

Android Police was the first to report the news, although I was tipped by one of our readers during my all-day classes on campus yesterday. He had told me that some devices — the Pixel Slate and Pixelbook Go, for example — could see up Chrome OS software updates for up to two years longer.

Now that it has, the Pixel Slate I bought last year did get a whopping two-year software update extension, from June to June The Pixelbook Go, which is a great device for most peoplehas the same June date.

And the Chromebook Pixel also gains a year, with updates now coming through June The highly popular Asus Chromebook Flip C eked out another six months of updates, now through June Any news on updates for the Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet?

And some have been extended for nearly 3 years more, like Acer Chromebook R13 from September to June Yes, I bought the acer Chromebook R13 and was a bit disappointed when I realized it was supported until But this one would be 3. Curiosity begs to wonder how Google determined whether to defer the AUE date and, if so, by how much. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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But many Chromebooks work perfectly fine long beyond their official end-of-life date, especially if they were packed with relatively strong hardware when they debuted. Luckily, there is a solution for many Chromebooks.

chromebook aue dates

It usually involves only a screwdriver, sometimes with some odd bits, and rarely a bit of electrical tape. CloudReady is intended to turn old Windows and Mac computers into snappy Chromebooks for schools and businesses.

But it also works well on Chromebooks, since it has many of the hardware drivers baked into it. Chromebox script. But check your Downloads folder, just in case. Download the appropriate file from Neverwarethen follow the instructions for making a USB stick into an installer. You can actually do this first, if you like, but it makes sense to back up your files and make the USB installer before we tinker with hardware.

Most Chromebooks have a special screw on their main board, one that connects to metal pieces and completes a circuit that protects the deeper parts of their firmware.

The write-protect screw or sometimes a sticker, or, rarely, a jumper is in a different location on every Chrome device. These are the notable and firmware-supported Chromebooks about to run out of updates as of this post, but obviously there will be more over time.

On many Chromebooks, the write protect screw looks different than others, with a wider rim of segmented metal around it. By the way, if your Chromebook is years old when you open it up to remove the write protection? We sell a few tested batteries for older models.

First, you need to boot the device into Recovery Mode. You do, so press Enter. Your Chromebook will wipe itself and reboot once or twice. Eventually, you will land on the same setup screen you saw when you first set up your Chromebook.

On the command line, type in one command to download and run the MrChromebox scriptwhich can install a new BIOS on your Chromebook suitable for installing a new system. As of this writing, the command below is current, but check the site, just in case. The script will do its thing perhaps asking you to confirm you want to do this one more time. Congratulations: your Chromebook is no longer special!

Auto Update Expiration date for your Chromebook soon to show in settings

When you see the running bunny on your new boot-up screen hello, new BIOS! Hit Enter, and then choose whatever looks like your USB key in the list of devices that comes up. The next thing you should see is a setup screen for CloudReady, which looks a lot like the setup screen for Chrome OS. Try out a few things while this screen is up: move the cursor with your trackpad, try entering your Wi-Fi password, and make sure your Chromebook can connect via Wi-Fi.

Now comes the culmination of all your work. Your laptop boots up like a regular laptop, without warnings or loud beeps.

Thanks for a decent read and valuable resource!Microsoft arbitrarily decides when a specific chip goes out of support — and the decision is made way after initial release. Google has a readily accessible list of machines and their expiration dates. For most people, though, simply knowing which machine you have is enough to get you a definitive answer on when support ends. Please consider upgrading. My all-time favorite Chromebook fell off the AUE turnip truck more than a year ago. Log in Remember me.

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Plus Membership Donations from Plus members keep this site going. Search The Lounge Search for:. All rights reserved. Theme designed by My Mobilesmodifications by PapayaSoft.Chromebooks, Chromebases, and Chromeboxes automatically manage updates so that your device has the latest software and security features.

If you get a "Final software update" notification, your device will stop receiving Chrome OS and browser updates. These updates include:. We encourage you to check the AUE dates of devices before your purchase. Google Help. Help Center Community Chromebook. Privacy Policy Terms of Service Submit feedback. Send feedback on Help Center Community. Operating system and browser Check when your Chromebook's updates will stop.

Check when your Chromebook's updates will stop Chromebooks, Chromebases, and Chromeboxes automatically manage updates so that your device has the latest software and security features. Select Settings. On the left panel, at the bottom, select About Chrome OS. Select Additional details. Final software update notification If you get a "Final software update" notification, your device will stop receiving Chrome OS and browser updates.

These updates include: Security updates, bug fixes, and new features for Chromebooks. Existing features may stop working.

New Chromebooks: Important Info Not on Product Pages

Support for certain apps and extensions that require specific Chrome OS or browser versions. Before the AUE datedevices will receive new software updates from Google. On and after the AUE datedevices will not receive software updates from Google. Was this helpful? Yes No.I have recently got the message that my Acer Chromebook C will not be receiving any further updates as Google no longer supports Chromebooks older than six years.

Q&A: Things a Chromebook Can't Do

I use mine for surfing the internet, email and creating documents, which I send as email attachments. The reason I bought a Chromebook in the first place was because of ease of use, simplicity and reliability. What are the risks if I just continue to use it without receiving any more updates?

There is no way to assess the risk because it depends partly on what you use your Chromebook for, and how careful you are.

chromebook aue dates

Nowadays, most attacks require some kind of user assistance. This can mean, among other things, installing fake Android apps with hidden features, installing bogus Chrome extensionsvisiting malicious websites, falling for phishing attacks, falling for man-in-the-middle attacks and failing to install essential security updates.

You will inevitably miss essential security updates to the Chrome browser. For schools and companies that use Chromebooks, Google spells out further potential problems. Either way, simple web browsing may not be much riskier than usual, and there are ways to make it safer. The risks might be low but the stakes would be higher. Chromebooks have changed a lot since then, getting a more Windowsy look-and-feel, touchscreen support and access to Google Play with the ability to run Android apps.

I assume this means Google has to test all the old Chromebooks and Chromeboxes — probably about devices — to make sure they run new versions of Chrome OS. It would be time-consuming, expensive and ultimately impossible for Google to support all Chrome OS devices forever. This is a reasonable lifespan compared to laptops running Windows or macOS. Some people run their laptops for longer, but usually they are paying more in wasted time than it would cost them to buy a new machine.

The key point is that the AUE period starts when the manufacturer launches a Chromebook platform, not when you buy it. In theory, Chromebook manufacturers could keep shipping the same platform for five or more years. In fact, the AUE date should be shown prominently in Chromebook adverts. JavaScript-bloated webpages keep getting bigger, while Chrome batters low-end chips and guzzles memory by spawning more processes than you have tabs open.

However, your Acer Chromebook C probably has a dual-core 1. CloudReady works much like a Chromebook but it is really intended to rescue old Windows and Mac laptops. Google transferred all my bookmarks and automatically installed apps and extensions, by my use of the same account details.

The C is on the list of supported Chromebooks but readers should check first. You may be able to rescue it but you do this stuff entirely at your own risk. Chromebooks were originally designed to do everything online so you should have very little personal information on your device. The C has a full-sized SD card slot so you should already be storing backups of your essential files on this easily removable form of storage. If you only plug the card in when you need it, you should have very little to lose.

You can minimise the amount of information stored on your Chromebook by using the privacy settings and turning off features such as saving web passwords and auto-filling web forms.

You could even browse in guest mode, which basically means starting as a new user every time. The drawback is that you will have to log in to each website every time and it will not save your settings.

Chrome OS has had more than 50 security vulnerabilities. No one has collected it so that approach should be relatively safe.Also, Chromebooks released from will receive updates for eight years. The rest of the article is still valid. So I thought it was a good time to explain what this means for Chromebook owners and for anyone looking to buy a new Chromebook.

Also, Auto Update Policy is the right way to describe what happens. It just may no longer receive new updates. The Chromebook Auto Update policy means that a Chromebook comes with an assumed expiry date. This does not mean you can no longer use your Chromebook. It just means you may no longer receive Chrome OS updates. This meant as soon as the Chromebook was launched to the public it would get guaranteed updates for five years.

So if you decided to buy a Chromebook that was launched three years ago. There is a possibility that it would stop receiving updates after two years. However, do other laptops using operating systems such as Microsoft offer anything better than this? For Chromebooks to continue to be seen as fast and reliable the Auto Update policy is necessary.

Chrome OS is the operating system that your Chromebook needs to function correctly. Technology is a world that changes faster than any other field you can imagine. This is great for us the consumer because it means we can get our hands on the latest gadgets. Not just in how they look, but how they operate. If the Auto Update policy was not in place this would cause two major issues. First of all, manufacturers would not be so eager to bring out new Chromebooks using the latest hardware.

For Chrome OS to continue to be one of the leading operating systems in the world. It must be able to move with the times. Can you imagine how difficult it would be to continue to provide an operating system that is super-fast and reliable; if every Chromebook launched since had to be supported? While continuing to provide support for obsolete Chromebooks manufactured in If this was the case, it would mean Chrome OS would suffer and that would not be good for us the consumer.

You only have to look at how awful an experience you receive from Microsoft Windows. One of the reasons Microsoft Windows is so slow is because it needs to support a huge amount of hardware from different manufacturers. HP Chromebook 11 was one of the first Chromebooks to be launched. Can you imagine the type of Chromebook you would be using if the Auto Update policy did not exist? Some consumers always want the best of both worlds.

However, this is simply not possible. We live in a world that is run by power and money. Manufacturers are a business and all businesses are there for one main goal and that is to make money.

They do this by offering the consumer the best products available. The goal is to bring out the latest Chromebook that knocks a Chromebook from another manufacturer off the number one slot. They are not doing this for the greater good. They are doing this because the main aim in business is to drive revenue. If the Auto Update policy did not exist the Chromebooks we would be using today would be almost identical to the Chromebooks launched in A manufacturer will only spend money on research and development if it knows the end product has a demand in the market place.

So what would you prefer?So have a number of readers from what I gather. I recommended a Groupon to a friend, to purchase a Pixel 2 Chromebook for a very fair price. Much less than mine for sure. Well, it was refurbished and formerly a Verizon Chromebook initially. Please consider upgrading. Are there any options to bring her device up-to-date and secure? I have the same model, which my wife uses in the living room of our house.

Instead, Neverware builds and supports the images, mainly to allow people to get more mileage out of older macOS and Windows computers. There are more than certified computers that will work with CloudReady. I suspect the same instructions will work with the Chromebook Pixel considering both models have a physical write-protect screw that needs to be removed as part of the process.

Have you tried CloudReady on an old Chromebook? Funny, but I was just reading about this topic the day before yesterday in the following Web article:. I remember some threads some time ago where Neverware was adding chrome is devices to their support lists. Now the only say that Chrome devices are not supported. Just wondering if there would be anything that would halt chromium updates for Cloudready at some point on these older machines.

Shopping for Chromebooks? An Important Item to Check

Even Windows gives you ten years. I agree in general. If you can live without them, yes, keep using the old hardware. Can you imagine the public reaction if MS announced that all Windows devices will stop receiving updates 4 or 5 years after you bought it.

I have no reason to replace it or throw it away to purchase a new one. The security of the system is one of its key attractions for me and I hope to find a way around this update issue.

chromebook aue dates

I have an early Chromebook and a Windows laptop — both about the same age. The former zips along like a Tesla. The latter slogs as if it is a Ford Falcon stuck in the mud. And lets not even get into what it takes to load Windows updates and just to wake up! The fact is that both companies are part of an ethos that plans their products obsolescence.

They are in the business of selling goods — not keeping us endlessly happy with a high quality product. It sucks because we accept it.


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